PACKAGE MYSELF | Competence Suit Case

Client:         Myself / Job application as Packaging Designer
Status:        Realised

Self initiated design project to design and construct a package symbolizing myself, my design skills and professional skills for a job application as a Packaging Designer at a Danish Paper-based Packaging Company.   My purpose was to make sure my job application would stand out from the crowd and emphasize my interest in the position as a Packaging Designer.   The design metaphor by constructing the package as a suit case was to emphasize my willingness to relocate from Copenhagen to another geographical region of Denmark in order to succeed in the position   All parts of the competence suit case package has been 100% designed and constructed from scratch including a technical advanced multiple stair like enclosure to achieve the varying height levels of the competence cubes.   By pulling the red triangular arrow my application including cv and full figure picture of myself would unfold into an approximately 1 meter long print out.