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Develop and design user-friendly products for kids and youngsters with focus on easy learning to eat and drink.

Conceptual design 

Based on user observations and experiences it was clear that the market for kids plates and cups with a modern and aesthetic design was more or less non-existing. Most of the products on the market was cheap-looking plastic products with printed pictures, patterns where as we wanted to design a new range of products that would fit in on a beautiful decorated dining table while still achieving user friendly use of the products for the youngsters. 

The final concept design consist of 3 seperate products, a plate, a bowl and a functional cup.
Kidzware – Children’s Cup:  children’s cup with detachable coloured handles- cooler part to keep liquid cold when on the move- lid with built-in rubber spout dimensions:ø 91mm (without handles)ø 131mm (with handles)height 92mm Materials:
– cup: transparent rigid plastic – PC, ABS or similar
– lid & handle: coloured plastic – PP, HDPE or similar
– spout & sealing strap: rubber
Kidzware – Children’s Bowl:  porcelain children’s bowl- over-moulded coloured silicone ensures sturdy use- a double-sided silicone suction keeps the plate in place- folded edge avoids spillage of food dimensions: ø 173mm – height 46mm
Kidzware – Children’s Plate: porcelain children’s plate- over-moulded coloured silicone for stable use- a double-sided silicone suction keeps the plate in place dimensions: ø 180mm – height 20mm
Kidzware – Suction Details: the double-sided suction easily fits on the plate- push the suction on to the porcelain within the plate silicone ring- push plate & suction on to table- pull the silicone strap to release- suction part fits on both plates dimensions: ø 126mm – height 4.5mm
Kidzware – Functional Details: the flat plate is cleverly designed to work as a lid- simply place the plate on top of the bowl- and you can keep your food for later

© Copyright 2011 Kenneth Lylover & Sylvester Vantore – as part of lylover|vantore. All Rights Reserved

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