Zone Denmark | Kitchen Utensils

Bovictus (Zone Denmark)
Develop and design a low cost and functional series of kitchen utensils.
Conceptual design
Commissioned by Bovictus to design and develop a series of innovative kitchen utensils for their brand Zone Denmark. Being partner in Lylover|Vantore, Kenneth Lylover designed these simple and affordable kitchen utensils based on the design brief by Bovictus:
Design Brief:
• Functionally differentiate product from competitors
• Simple and cost effective production with re-use of handle design for several products
• A price competitive retail price between 50 – 70 Danish kroner
• Keep production cost down by avoiding use of expensive materials and production methods.
Production costs and added functionalities has been the main driver for the design and development of these utensils. Costs has been kept to a minimum through using the same handle design for all utensils – making the functional tools the exchangeable part during production. The design of the handle incorporates a 360 degree slot which leaves the utensil to be placed horizontally on pots, pans & bowls for added functionality.
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