Eva Solo | Dish wash tray

Eva Solo

Develop and design a Dish Wash tray to support the WashWash dish wash Basket

Conceptual design
Design a dish wash tray to support the washwash dish wash basket for Eva Solo.
Research showed that many trays works fine in combination with kitchen sinks which are in level with the table top – but in cases where the kitchen sink is mounted with the edges “on top” of the table top many washing trays lacks the ability to spill the excess water back into the sink.
The final concept is designed to blend together with the Wash Wash washing up basket. The functional part of the DryDry tray is designed with a small “lip” which will, when used with “raised” kitchen sinks, securely fit on top of the kitchen sink edges and easily leave any excess water to flow back into the sink and thus not leaving all the washing up water on the table top.
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