ENLIGHTEN | Reflector

Awarded an Honorary Mention

Kuten Ry Design Competition 2005

To design a new personal reflector to focus on pedestrian’s safety

Design concept – awarded honorary mention

Interaction designer Gregers Lund, Industrial designer Hân Pham and Industrial designer Kenneth Lylover from Århus, Denmark were awarded an honorary mention in Reflect05 – design competition for reflective products with their entry Enlighten. Enlighten competed in the Reflector – category. The competition was held in Helsinki Finland.

Enlighten is a key strap with pre-cut characters and symbols/pictograms in reflective materials. The characters can be purchased in a variety of colours and shapes. The user can place these characters on to the nylon surface of the key strap to form individual expressions.

© Copyright 2005 Gregers Lund, Hân Pham & Kenneth Lylover

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