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BBC Radio 4

Design concept for work environment
BBC Radio 4 analysis and research of the internal Radio 4 work sphere, Brand and employees self-perception lead to key facts such as: “Trust is key”, “Information and in-depth analysis”, “Classic with a twist” and ” Marks & Spencer suit with red knickers”.
Radio 4 Juxta Table – Background:
Based on the defined key words and the fact that BBC Radio 4 is all about communication and discussions of current topics the developed proposal is a kitchen table intended to enhance communication between the co-workers at the Radio 4 office environment – a conversation table. In what place in the home does most people end up talking and discussing at home parties and where do most pe people listen to Radio 4? Of course in the kitchen. Therefore the inspiration for the design came the kitchen table found in the homes of women aged around 50 – a traditional kitchen table. The idea about having a kitchen table in an office environment further enhances the values of Radio 4′s perception of them self; Slightly dull people – but with hidden self-irony – a lady in Marks & Spencer suit but with hidden sexy red knickers. Or in other words – Classic with a twist!
Radio 4 Juxta Table – Functions:
• The table tries to envisigage with the surrounding people.
• A newspaper broadsheet is placed underneath the tabletop
• The tabletop has 52 sliding doors with engraved letter – all in all 2 doors per letter from A-Z – revealing only small parts of the newspaper articles.
• The surprising moment is when you expect to open two corresponding doors and realise they have nothing or very little in common – this gives a surprising effect and leaves a good starting point for conversations.

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